If you like the world motorbike .... and you own a Harley ... ehmmmmm ... change site! Joke obviously son all well accept bipeds to two wheels! Salve a todos el mundo, is your Freddiefix19 you recommend this site, if nothing else because I'm the creator ... My nickname is dedicated to a past champion, Freddie Spencer, was born in Louisiana, nicknamed "The Fast" ... guess why .... maybe because won "only" three laurels world ... including two in the same year, the year was 1985. Every good account and closed the opening of the heart, in this my site you will find several interesting little things for the allestimenmto and the preparation of track racing, road, cross and motard bikes downhill ... you have understood well those!Take a look and enjoy!


It was 1968, vintage ragass ... when my dear parents decided to give birth as they say ...My passion for the automotive world is still under study, experts in practice is an arcane of real ones, in fact I do not derive from the parents or other relatives as all quite averse to this world ... Anyway I had the baptism of "crust" after gutted several "grazielle" (chassis dissaldati etc. ..)... passed following the mythical saltafoss, poor ... then came the period, around the seventh-eighth year of age, where regularly I cheated scooters to friends and relatives, obviously unaware older than me ...Finally 13 years the first real bike ... I couldn't even ride it but was virtually impossible to stop me seeing the imprudent purchase made by MOM.Dad decedette when I was unfortunately only 11 years, sigh ... It was an already antiquated Aspes Navaho 50 for that time, but for me the thing was not of great importance, was MY bike! This bike was plagued with a small defect, in addition to "travel well" (carburettor from 19 on usually minarelli) for available cyclist, had the discharge that regularly ustionava right thigh. Thus began the first steps into the world of off-road motorcycle, my great love never waned, and consequently the first fractures .... still under the influence of a handful of friends "SCOUNDRELS" I took a spin on some cross pitch ...the grit is always the same .... as well as back pain ...In the context of the arrival of the first motorcycles on which sfognazzare, were also the first sleepless nights full of disassemble and reassembles etc etc ... we will see even later and many ... The first extreme mechanical experiment of was my beloved vespa 50 special. I still remember the first installed processing, which finally install at night.It was the time of Quande first sighed whimpered, past on the floor directly below the starting crank a strange ring ... the collected and with immense disappointment I realized that having first the seeger piston PIN ... no comment ... Always the cast-iron cylinder that vespa, suffered the first processing with cutter ... I remember that taken drill and cutter wood ... and according to the logic: wider is better! I began to enlarge the decanting, how they used to say at the time.The result was to have a WaSP spompatissima! The years passed and the passion all-out saliva, I bought several motor cross bikes including a Yamaha engined 80 Valenti, a real bomb!With this motorbike courses a few regional Championships with discrete results, cross had 15 years. At 16 years, I bought a bike that I remember with great pleasure that the Honda NS 125 F who was the first for over 125 140 kmh.The pagai beauty of 3300000£ despite being beautiful to customize not I hesitated with the purchase of a full fairing (rare for the time) and painting circles and other details.Ended badly, I was this bike stolen dai soliti ignoti ...Meanwhile I sold the Valenti to take me a Honda CR 125 of 85 with which I did a couple of regional cross and several fractures.Then I bought a Suzuki RG 250 Gamma first set, one with two parallel cylinders, remember that with the help of a friend blacksmith feces 2 silencers to scream!But the leap I did in 1988 when together with his friend Maurice, purchased a couple of Suzuki RG 500 Gamma outfits! At that time came also a nice CR 86, 500 of whom participated in some regional races but alas I sold shortly thereafter.After a few years past to romp with the Mountain Range on the streets of North Italy, began the transformation phase.I prepared the engine, I realize from Ace, forged Pistons to my specifications, paid at the time something like 600000£ ... ... I mounted rims and forks GSXR 750, Jolly discharges etc etc and begins to go into the various racetracks. In 1998, now fed up with having to bear only on the slopes of half Italy, caught a Suzuki GSXR 750 of 96, and consequently I sold the beloved Range, regret it today! In that period I met many people in the lap of racing and thus began the career of mechanic in World Supersport. After several high-level seasons I had to "give up taking" because of the birth of my daughter Sofia. Now a few years I have taken up the task with several interesting jobs and account within a few years to open what is the dream of a life, or my bike workshop! The walls I already bought them ... we will see ...   Foto gallery   https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipObJvxVtHS8U1mc4w8wVHlFYX_T7b2WUgN4_LLwiihZ0E5AgTnCdQ03dUPfQahy3A?key=dEdsWi1hbWZ1NHd0T0lpSzVWSDZUaUJIclBzMURn


My favorite activities include preparing and not only sport bikes, then passes from the processing of both engines at 2 4 times, the most varied telaistiche changes that pass by changing motor transplants to forks.Obviously these my means, are used (just ...)on the track. My great passion for motorcycle 2 days is also reflected on the restorations that I delight to do.The eye is aimed in particular at cinquoni cross half of 80 years, specifically miro to having all 1985 vintage motorbikes, so Honda CR 500, Kawasaki KX 500, Ktm MX 500, Yamaha YZ, Maico 490 500 GM, Husqvarna XC 500, Suzuki RM 500 and Cagiva 500 WMX. I would say that son to good point, I have all eight! Also don't disdain some appointment with the track, in both track and cross piRlota and also as a mechanic.


By semper I delight to produce motorcycles at both level motor bicycle, but I confess that I have a certain penchant for the part of any middle button and when I see a cilnindro a 2T or 4T's head .... I get reflected the curvaceous figure of that little tool that beats to the minute and withstand 50000 RPM is tough.   Foto gallery   https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNtD3f9InS65OArZpsJeNTtcYteJeUpDFywU1Zu7sNRu6F9w2bTB1FjVh6-NIIq6g?key=blN0X0l3RnVPaEdaU1VwNlU3d3o4N2JlVDBfZDJR


This is my hermitage, as well as a sacred place .... obviously is an area off limits! Addition atelier that I created to display my collection of helmets and bikes, there is also an operational area.
This is where I make my dreams of extravagant pirlonga .... has always been the place where my creatures come to life, now the hours spent in codesta alcove can no longer count, from the time of vespino, my first victim sacrificial .... the current times of my Vespone, as I like to call them.
In my cave and there is everything you need to intervene at 360 ° to the level of cycling activity at the level motoristico.Avendo sales and service of garage equipment, it goes without saying that I have always been a priority channel for the purchase of various equipment, then if we add that I am also a freak of the above to the point that when I miss un'attrezzo specific, I buy it on the fly!
I believe that work properly equipped, is a must.
Primarily in order to avoid irreparable damage often .. in secundis to avoid trouble free or if you prefer broken stone ... In fact in my den are both 15-ton hydraulic press, the pneumatic tire, brake levers, work stand, the drill press, the welding TIG, plasma, dremmler, the balance etc etc.
This gem, much feared by women .... it is vital for my preparations because often times their own weight reduction manic, basic parameter for funds from the best weight-potenza.Ritengo pretty useless exacerbate motoristicamente a 1000 cc sports, better spend it in the chassis ....   Foto gallery   https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOLLSw5MLinS7ivrmwC9evEjpFCNF0nmZNLd4A562YzZJpcVQH65wa491W-XSKrGQ?key=NEFUOHhoWVdDaThURm9ndWpqckV2V1BXWkNfaXJB